About Me



Hey there!

Welcome to The Bendy Bard!

My name is Samantha, and I am a mom to two beautiful children, Logan and Emma.

I am a writer and co-director at FoxEye Entertainment, and an independant presenter with Younique.

We live in the sunny (and currently, desperately hot) Sacramento Area where my husband is stationed in the United States Air Force.

I love yoga, classic rock music, art, writing, and culture.

During the day, you can find me sitting in bed drinking an entire pot of coffee by myself, while the kids watch the Disney Channel and I get some work done for one of my many business ventures.  In the afternoon I am often playing with the kids or running errands. We sometimes go for walks to the park or pretend to be Transformers in the back yard battling Decepticons. As evening rolls around, I am cooking vegan and sometimes gluten free whole plant-based meals with my daughter in the Tula while she nurses hands-free, and my son creates magnificent works of art in his high-chair. As bed time draws near, the kids get their baths and (we are transitioning from co-sleeping) head to bed in their shared bedroom where we read a story, or sometimes Mama makes one up 😉 Once the kids are asleep, I dim the lights throughout the house, light some candles and hit the mat for yoga. After that I pop open a beer, or grab a glass of wine and that’s when I get to write!

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