Still loving our Emma Pictures!

Still loving our Emma Pictures!

A couple months ago, when Emma was a tiny little newborn, we had the pleasure of working with Shannera Weaver–owner of Woven Dreams Photography.

The results from that session are photographs that I will treasure forever. She really captured the honest beauty of our perfect little girl, and a mom herself, she was particularly skilled at positioning Emma in ways that she was both safe, and comfortable which made the shoot so much easier.


I met Shannera in middle school, and while we haven’t been close friends we kept in touch from time to time over the years, so it was good to reconnect and talk about our kids.  Her little ones are a similar in spacing as Logan and Emma, but hers are a bit older in general so it has been a pleasure to watch her littles grow and thrive.  One of the things I respect most about her work, is that she appreciates the raw beauty in honest moments. She understands that the flaws are what makes each memory so unique. They add such irreplaceable charm.  Emma had a bandaid on her heel from her blood test that we couldn’t remove and she helped me to realize that the bandaid was part of this special moment. It was a reminder that my baby was healthy, and taken care of. It was worth documenting, and didn’t need to be hidden to create the perfect picture.


She had so many adorable outfits and props, and she set up her traveling studio equipment in our own living room, so we could sit and chat while she snapped photos in the comfort of our own home.  It was great not to have to pack both kids up and entertain Logan while Emma got her pictures taken at a studio. He got to play busily in his own bedroom and backyard, paying no mind to the strange things the grown-ups were doing down the hall.

Josh and I plan to call her up and book a family session around Christmas time or the New Year, so Emma will be able to sit up on her own and we can get some real family pictures done! I have full confidence that she will deliver some of the most priceless images of our little family. Thank you Shannera!



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